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Chef Arthur Batiste

We’re grateful to have visionary Arthur Batiste at the helm of Public Service’s culinary program. Besides being an acclaimed chef adept at conveying complex menu concepts in a simple yet compelling manner, his love for the city and its people courses through his veins and it can be experienced through his food. 

About The Chef

Chef Arthur Batiste has over 30 years of culinary experience throughout Louisiana which include extensive periods at Delmonico’s, Royal Sonesta, and the InterContinental. During this time, he developed his growing passion for New Orleans cuisine and local ingredients, even expanding upon it by infusing it with other ethnic fares. Arthur’s practice goes beyond the restaurant with him regularly donating time to cater large gala events and charity fundraisers. Arthur’s attention to detail from menu development to team building shows his care towards a more meaningful purpose of dining: to bring people together and enjoy the moment. In Arthur’s words, the aim of his cooking is to create that “mama taste we love.”